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Operation Theater

BV Pulsera Understanding you

The BV Pulsera is a powerful mobile fluoroscopy system for the most challenging surgical-and interventional procedures. The powerful pulsed technology allows you to go the distance in longer studies, capture moving antomy and see through your largest patient
SmartVision, a highly advanced, full digital 1 Kx1K imaging chain in combination with unique state-of-the-art image processing algorithms (including BodySmart and Automatic Shutter Positioning) provides you with high quality images at the lowest possible dose.

The ultra compact Mobile View Station perfectly fits in the surgical workflow.The unique intelligent viewing concept of the Mobile View Station provides the user with easy transportation, easy and intuitive system set-up and optimal viewing capabilities.
The interventional powerhouse comes with a 9"or 12"image intensifier, and can handle the most advanced interventions as well as all routine and special procedures:
· Cardiovascular procedures (peripheral/abdominal/cerebral, interventions)
· Orthopedic surgery (fractures, fixation) · Abdominal surgery (cholangiography, urological exams)
· Neurosurgical procedures (pain management, vertebroplasty)
· Thoracic surgery
Whatever your situation, the BV Pulsera shows everything you need to see during surgical- and interventional procedures.

Advanced functionality

Vascular imaging functionality
· Subtracted fluoroscopy mode displays images in subtracted mode.
· Trace-subtract shows maximum opacification of vasculature using CO2 or iodine contrast.
· ViewTrace creating a trace image, post processed · Roadmap images support catheter guidance.
· SmartMask reduces dose and contrast medium usage by re-using previously acquired mask images for roadmapping
· Remask lets you reselect the best image in your run as a mask image for contrast runs.
· Landmarking highlights background anatomy for reference.
· Real-time pixel shift compensates for movement artifacts.
· Subtraction on/off simplifies the orientation for subtracted images or during roadmap procedures.
(Remote control, MVS)

Making work easier

C-arm spring bow for sterilizable covers The spring bow holds the sterilizable covers of the C-arm in position while allowing free movement of the C-arm.

Sterilizable covers

To help maintain optimal levels of hygiene and sterility in the surgical environment, sterilizable drapes are provided for shielding the X-ray tank unit, image intensifier, and C-arm. Both sterile transparent covers and green fabric covers are available. The green covers are are made of lint-free fabric (35% Trevira, 65% cotton) and are resistant to boiling.

Cassette holder

The cassette holder is suitable for a standard cassette or a grid-cassette. The holder accommodates two cassette sizes: 24 x 24 cm and 24 x 30 cm. The cassette holder can be rotated a full 360°around the image intensifier field.

Technical Specifications

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