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Critical Care

Built for performance and ease of use


One of Evita 2 dura’s strengths is its implementation of our "Room to Breathe" concept. Spontaneous breathing reduces the risk of atelectasis and improves the ventilation/perfusion ratio by maintaining a higher functional residual capacity. BIPAPTM*/PCV+, the universal mode for ventilation and weaning, gives a patient the freedom to breathe spontane- ously at any time. AutoFlow®, the next step in volume- oriented ventilation, encourages spontaneous breathing in all volume mo des and another option, Automatic Tube Compensation (ATCTM), gives a patient the feeling of virtual extubation by eliminating the work involved in breathing with a tracheal tube.


Since an Evita 2 dura can be used to ven t i late neonatal, pediatric or adult patients, it is the ideal “workhorse” for everyday clinical routine. The wide range of patients covered also reduces the amount of staff training required and ensures a greater flexibility in the use of resources.
* Trademark used under license TWO-IN-ONE VENTILATION

Mask ventilation can assist the weaning process by reducing the reintubation rate or even preventing intubation in the first place. The mask ventilation option for Evita 2 dura means that the same ventilator can be used for both conventional and non-invasive ventilation.


The Evita 2 dura provides patient and ventilator-related monitoring with user interaction reduced to a minimum. The high-resolution full-color screen displays comprehensive information on a patient’s status, always showing two ventilation curves and six monitored values, and the screen configuration can be customized to show the most important values for a particular ICU.


This ventilator has a clearly arranged front panel consisting of a monitoring screen and various setting soft keys. The rotary knob plays a key role. The active setting parameters are visible at a glance and changes can be made by the well-established “select-adjust-confirm” principle.


The principle of only showing the necessary parameters reduces the complexity of everyday monitoring. Additional functions are located in the various screen menus. The ventilator provides you with a full-text message in the event of alarms so you have a clear idea of the problem.

Designed to grow and meet your needs


The Evita 2 dura contains numerous functions to speed up and simplify routine procedures. Start-up settings can be configured to specific ICU practices. Suction procedures are simplified with the touch of a button, the exhalation valve can be changed in seconds to minimize downtime and sensors are automatically calibrated daily. However, manual calibration is also possible without interruption to venti lation. All these functions assist in reducing time for standard procedures.


The modular design of the Evita 2 dura means you can upgrade your ventilator as case mix or needs change. Although the standard version fulfills all the demands of everyday ICU routine, you may want to customize your Evita 2 dura to the specific requirements of your ICU.
Options such as additional modes of ventilation, AutoFlow, APRV and ILV upgrade your device to a Pulmonary Workstation. Extended monitoring packages offering diagnostic functions such as Intrinsic PEEP, Resistance and Compliance measurements, and Loops, also enable this upgrading process. The ATC option brings a greater degree of comfort to ventilation and weaning, and the NIV option enables you to pro vide conventional and mask ventilation from a single device. A software option provides weaning parameters like Rapid Shallow Breathing Index and Negative Inspira tory Force. The Evita 2 dura can be customized and individualized to meet your needs.


After purchasing an Evita 2 dura, you can be sure of comprehensive service and support from Dräger Medical – so you and your staff can make the best possible use of your ventilator. Our practical support takes the form of instruction manuals, training courses, downloadable training tools and PC-based training using the Dräger Academy program. By focusing on your needs, we aim to improve the quality of care you and your hospital can provide.


Although Dräger Medical offers every possible support in training terms, most hospitals find their staff require very little initial training to operate an Evita 2 dura. The continuity evident in the design of this ventilator interface means staff will be familiar with the user interface – partly as a result of the many features common to the Dräger Medical equipmen family, e.g. the practical rotary knob.


With hospitals increasingly focusing on the life cycle costs of medical equipment, the Evita 2 dura has a lot to offer cost-conscious medical and administrative staff. The Dräger Remote Service Link is a convenient way to deliver cost-efficient maintenance, better uptime and peak equipment performance ... while minimizing disruption to workflow.


As hospitals have become increasingly aware of the possible risk of noso comial infection, demand has grown for dis pos - ables to be used in critical care therapy. As an alternative to the traditional reusable parts, an Evita 2 dura can also be equipped with a disposable exhalation valve and disposable tubing, providing a system that allows you to choose what is best for your institution.

The tradition of leadership continues The highly dependable Evita 4 has been recognized around the world as a leader in ventilation performance. Now, the Evita 4 edition takes this popular ICU ventilator to yet another level, combined with design refinements that redefine user value. High quality and long-lasting components characterize this proven ICU ventilator platform.

One ventilator for every patient

Evita 4 edition is designed to accommo- date patients from neonate* to adult with conventional or non-invasive ventilation. With a wide range of options, it allows you to quickly realize daily routine functions and sophisticated ventilation therapy.

Excellent performance is standard

Every Evita 4 edition offers volume and pressure controlled ventilation as well as spontaneous breathing modes. Addi- tionally, it is equipped with powerful weaning functionalities. A safe investment

The device’s modular design ensures upgradeability and upward compatibility while the user interface and sensors provide a high degree of familiarity and consistency.

Add options, such as ATC®, PPS, NIV, CO2 and NeoFlow, as needed to cus- tomize the system to specific depart- mental needs.

The Dräger Rmote Service Link is a convenient way to deliver cost-efficient maintenace, better uptime and peak equipment performance ... while minimiz- ing disruption to workflow.

Instantly Adaptable Functionality

The Radical-7 offers unprecedented versatility in multiple care areas with its automatic rotational screen for either horizontal or vertical display and three-in-one capability to be used as:

Minimize patient risk

Evita 4 edition offers advantages that help protect patients every time ventilation support is needed:

Comprehensive mask ventilation (NIV) available in all modes, with intelligent monitoring and alarms adaptation. With certain diagnoses, NIV has been shown to reduce the need for intubation, decrease the hospital length of stay and reduce the number of complications.

Integrated CO2 monitoring helps to verify correct intubation and metabolic stability.

Easily tailored treatment

The Evita 4 edition responds quickly to individual patient requirements and changing ventilation situations:

The open breathing system with Auto Flow® or BIPAP2) /PCV+ allows spontaneous breathing at any time in all ventilation modes.

A variety of workflow support func- tions, such as O2 suction routine or automatic P0.1 measurement with trending, make your clinical routine easier.

NeoFlow offers flow measurement at the Y-piece for fast response to patient triggering, leakage adaptation and precise volume delivery for neonates..

Support effective weaning

Evita 4 edition supports getting patients off the ventilator, safely and quickly:

– By reducing the work of breathing attributable to the endotracheal or tracheostomy tube, automatic tube compensation (ATCTM) supports the transition to independence from the ventilator.

– The open breathing system with Mandatory Minute Ventilation (MMV) ensures that any patient, from a neonate to an adult, will receive the set minute volume, regardless of the spontaneous breathing level.

Evita XL

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