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GE Healthcare continues to elevate Women's Imaging with our latest introduction to the world-class Voluson platform, the Diamond Release of the Voluson 730 PRO. Three- dimensional ultrasound has changed the nature of ultrasound and the Voluson 730 PRO demonstrates continued technology leadership with RealTime 4D, up to 16 volumes per second.
The Diamond Release is the next evolution of the Voluson platform, providing clinical solutions through customer-focused and innovative design:

Dimensional Technology
Diagnostic Advantages
Dedication and Support
Digital Solutions

The Diamond Release of the Voluson 730 PRO represents GE's continued commitment to producing the highest quality diagnostic imaging equipment for women's healthcare. Exceptional 2D, 3D & 4D image quality make the Voluson 730 PRO an excellent solution for any clinical practice with a variety of patient workloads.

Fetal Development in Three Dimensions

First trimester

– Up to 13 weeks gestational age, the fetus grows up to 3 inches in length. The development of eyes, toes, joints, nerves, circulatory and digestive system are clearly visible using the RealTime 4D endovaginal transducer. Nuchal Translucency measurements and CVS procedures are enhanced with multiplanar imaging and 3D rendering.

Second trimester

– Weeks 14 through 26, show rapid development of the skeletal, digestive, circulatory and nervous systems. The fetus grows up to 13 inches in length and weighs about 2 pounds. In the second trimester, 3D/4D ultrasound is beneficial in the anatomical survey and detection of fetal anomalies.

Third trimester

– Weeks 27 and beyond, the fetus begins to fully develop organs and nerves. A rapid weight gain begins and most move into “head down” position for birth. 4D ultrasound provides clinical utility in the third trimester through analysis of fetal movement and biophysical profile.

Diagnostic Advantages
Clinical Relevance

The unique 3D and 4D capabilities of the VOLUSON 730 PRO meet the needs of clinicians and patients alike with a range of relevant features across the application spectrum.

Obstetrics – The Voluson 730 PRO provides a full suite of clinical tools including multiplanar analysis, Volume Calculation (VOCAL), Compound Resolution Imaging (CRI) and image optimization techniques. These tools aid in the analysis of a variety of fetal anomalies such as cleft lip and palate, spina bifida, club foot and trisomy 21.

Gynecology – Automatic volume acquisition and multiplanar analysis facilitate saline-infused sonography while multiplanar & rendering capabilities enable evaluation of the shape of the uterine cavity.

Breast – Multiplanar views and RealTime 4D biopsy increase confidence of breast biopsy through visualization of needle placement.

Dedication and Support
Commitment to the Customer

The Voluson 730 PRO demonstrates GE Healthcare’s commitment to expanding the clinical impact of 3D/4D technology through education and ergonomics.

The VOLUSON 730 PRO assures operator comfort and safety through a variety of ergonomic solutions, including an easily adjustable console and monitor.

Micro 4D transducer technology – The outstanding performance of the VOLUSON 730 PRO is enhanced through the next-generation technology found in GE’s new micro 4D transducer. These broadband transducers with ultrafine pitch are one-third lighter and smaller, yet deliver outstanding image quality up to 16 volumes per second.

Making 3D/4D easier to use – Productivity is enhanced through online help at the touch of a button. Context sensitive, the integrated help module acts as a virtual tutor. In addition to on-site application training and product training at world class facilities, GE also sponsors a 3D users forum,, linking clinicians from all over the world.

Digital Solutions

Connectivity and Data Management

The VOLUSON 730 PRO offers the flexibility to create an ultrasound imaging and analysis system that meets your clinical and productivity needs.
The VOLUSON 730 PRO system facilitates off-line/remote diagnoses to help better balance workload in an imaging facility:

• Full DICOM functionality
• 3D/4D functionality in a PACS environment
• 80GB hard drive with DVD/CD archiving capabilities
ViewPoint - OB reporting/imaging archiving Complete office solutions for women’s healthcare professionals

ViewReport - Comprehensive OB Reporting Solution

• Standardized OB/GYN reporting, patient scheduling and statistical analysis
• Direct transfer of data
ViewPACS - View Report PLUS Image Archiving

• Capture and archive images via DICOM, RGB or S-video
• Enabling the digital office

4D View

PC-based software that allows clinicians to manipulate and analyze VOLUSON 730 PRO data without disrupting patient flow. 4D View includes:

• Interactive volume rendering
• Multiplanar image display
• SonoView archiving and data management

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